Novice SEO experience do not over optimize and eager for success

more than a year of rookie SEO experience, holding a field of love, not love, do not Paizhuan oh

1, title / keyword / description should not be altered at will. New station come out, some people want to do QQ station today, tomorrow will do novel stand, Baidu for new sites inspection is 1-3 months, change too much, will not have very good included and ranking


2, less acquisition and collected it is better to do false original processing, collection site, you want to get a very good included, basically impossible, making a station with the man, is to step back down to earth, you want something for nothing, also want to get tens of thousands of tens of thousands of IP, advise you don’t do the mentality or diverted, if not, do not fit the station.

3, keyword accumulation, this point, I made mistakes N times. For example, I want to search "enterprise directory" this keyword, and then to Baidu index search, the Beijing enterprise directory, Shanghai enterprise directory, Jiangsu enterprise directory and so on keywords are accumulated in the home page. Naturally, basically, few get good rankings, and some don’t rank at all.

4, the increase in the chain. The chain is a must, if your content is good, then the remote machines are machines, your original he knows you well, he did not know, he cannot read, the chain is the site to get good rankings is an extremely important means. Note: do not increase for a period of time! Your outer chain has suddenly increased a lot in a period of time, then it may be harmonized by Baidu and GG. It is now my own website, because in 1 weeks, an increase of 100 Web sites led to the site now Baidu K out, warning ah. There are a couple of examples I won’t take out,

5, a good attitude – which I think is the key to success. Three days fishing, two days of drying nets, is never possible to succeed, of course, if you are interested, it does not matter. If you are really engaged in Web career, mentality changes, you have to adjust in a timely manner. Today, Baidu adjustment or to the, your ranking included down, don’t impatient, find out the problem, to confirm whether it is your website, or Baidu GG is adjusting,


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