Star a little experience Wangzhuan blog promotion

I contact the blog promotion is from the beginning of my old python, I didn’t know what is the blog promotion, but they have the habit of finishing knowledge, love to some of their common things to organize, when to use it can come in handy, every day I have to learn knowledge of the record to the blog, watching every day more and more knowledge of the feeling of life has been very substantial, perhaps this is a kind of happiness, then more and more knowledge, combined with the promotion of SEO and other methods, the popularity of the blog is becoming more and more prosperous, I gradually to the blog as a part of my life the. Although my Wang Python a little popularity, but relatively long time consumption, so I put the blog promotion as a generalization of a slow update, every day a little, a little increase, many littles make a mickle. more to the back, Constant dripping wears away a stone., the effect is more obvious, the general popularity of the blog or Hot Blog words. Is after many years of baptism, perhaps anything to have a little success will experience a process.

and now many blogs have become all SEO tools to enhance the weight of keywords, the blog group is I admit that the initial rush on like a swarm of hornets effect is good, but now too many people with search engines, also began to doubt, reduce the weight, you have not found that now the BSP blog included more and more slowly. And some basic is not included, if you use the blog as a place to send the chain, it will lose its meaning.

, below I talk about blog promotion a little experience, may say is not very good, please forgive me:

1, improve the interaction of blog

2, establish the brand of blog


blog promotion is very important, no one interactive blog is a dead blog, no one comments the blog is not a good blog, even if others scold you, at least that users will pay attention to your blog, pay attention to your article, and the message board is empty so, if you see the blogger will feel scared, so that a good blog is a blog user interaction is very strong, for example: the number of Lu Songsong’s blog comments sometimes longer than this.

blog brand is very important, now in the fierce society, there is no brand of things, it is difficult to go far, we also have a Matthew effect on brand, for example, you buy a computer, you must choose the most people buy, often listen to the brand, even some of the brand what to do is not very good, but you will still choose, because the brand has gone deep into your mind. In fact, blogs are similar to this, and many of the most popular blogs focus on the bulk of their popularity because they have established their own brand.

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