On Huang’s business model it should be worse than roadside stalls

in recent days, there are two things that attracted the attention of Huang Taiji the grass root and true eye is a nouveau riche, Huang Taiji’s boss, he Chang to join the famous CEIBS entrepreneurship camp, according to the business requirements, "wonderful" camp to raise all the way through to pay 120 thousand yuan tuition, so called for fans to support him on the EU, it is said that from the appeal to collect the full true fans one hundred and twenty thousand yuan donation, only 40 hours; another is a "Huang Taiji pancakes shop is not a deserted house, Tucao taste roadside stalls" article was widely circulated, and sparked great debate Huang Taiji and the great spirit of the so-called Internet thinking.

as a slightly understand the Internet industry chain brick home, old Ding I also dare to say a few words:

first, Huang Taiji should have tasted worse than the roadside stall. Why don’t you use pancakes instead of Tianjin dialect?

d old a few years ago to work in Europe every day, "Western-style food" diet, pain, death. Coincides with the annual leave to Kampuchea, a glimpse of the CHINA TOWN, immediately fly slobber three thousand feet into a Chinese restaurant, Chinese food and beer gobble down. Didn’t expect the night of stomach, night flies three thousand feet XX! Second, old Ding darling moved to an emaciated, dried-up appearance next to the hotel for a Western based fast food chain, and after a few days, this "base" for food safety, no matter, to retreat from Kampuchea "".

tells the story to show that the value of fast food chains is to provide safe (hygienic) and quick meals, not the most delicious meals. If further, you can come in health, safety (Health), quick, healthy, and then is delicious, must not put the cart before the horse. The roadside stalls of pancakes "delicious", but even if you know what material to use it, there is no deodorant, whether in this cancer? We may encounter fake lamb (made by other meat! In sheep urine), fake beef (by other meat add beef powder made) and false XX. You shouldn’t be safe and health at

before the taste?

then talk about the standardization of Chinese food. Chinese better than the western standard of XX based, most of the difficulty, many Chinese food chain crashed in the. Now do better with the real time, old uncle, Yonghe King, but even for them, taking into account the standard (safety, health, fast, stable quality and enhance the taste, is still a long way to go). So, for a newly formed more than a year off the price of more than 20 yuan fruit pancake fast food, why didn’t you ask! It some day in the future of both quasi efficient and safe and delicious, who knows?

borrows God carved in response to some customer complaints carved sirloin is not delicious, this is your 100 yuan, don’t want to eat Michelin 3 taste! Lao Ding for Huang Taiji to say: you eat fruit pancake 20 yuan a package of safety and health, don’t want to eat after being chased ran roadside stalls with deodorant taste


actually, in old Ding