Rookie give some suggestions for the site of the novice

has been doing web work for some time, and it’s been over a year since you’ve been mixed up in the webmaster circle. Over the past year, he did not seriously do a stand, think about some shame. Do nothing more than some of the webmaster in the mouth of the garbage station. From doing station to selling station, and from doing station to selling station, then do station, cycle again and again.. Countless bitterness and happiness are beyond the reach of others.

in fact, strictly speaking, I’m just a rookie webmaster just, there are many, many things to listen to, to see, to learn. I don’t know whether the webmaster rookie like me will be for their own website traffic and worry, would like me to get up every day the first thing is on the Baidu SITE:. Even sitting in front of the computer does not know how to do, keep it updated, the forum, but bring traffic is very few, the funny thing is that little bit of traffic and PV, there is a part of their own.

read a lot of articles, many top posts, teaching optimization, teaching promotion, all try, here to say a few points to just entering the circle of friends, you may be of some help, I can walk less detours.

1: ask yourself what type of station you want to do. Overheating advise you not to do, but do the station. New words, I suggest you can start a local forum, add more groups, promotion and gathering popularity will be relatively easy, and the relative ease of operation of the forum, not too much to study how to use the program.

2: choose a suitable CMS (content management system) articles, pictures recommended DEDECMS, the film recommended Marx system. Many webmaster has a habit of doing three days two days for the template, I personally feel that the template is not necessary to change so frequently, the general system comes with the template is enough, do beautiful, no one is no good. Remember: content is the life of a website.

3: give your website a concise name, at least you can remember, you can remember, others will remember.

4: layered to their own website, the so-called hierarchy is home – level classification – two categories, remember, points, these 3 were enough. Multi layer, it will bring difficulties to search engines, and even search engines are too lazy to come.

5: appropriate optimization of keywords, general CMS search optimization, as long as the corresponding columns in the background can be added. If you still don’t know how to add it, modify the code inside the quote to add to your home page or category page"".

6: the choice of keywords, for example, you have to do the words "Li Yuchun", you can search on Baidu, "Li Yuchun", and then put the page back, see what other search options, choose from one or two, then open the you choose to enter into a good keyword, the keyword query index. Don’t choose above > 2000 value