Share monthly income of 2000 yuan download station do station experience

Hello, today is the second half of 2009, the site to engage in network era has passed? The cake was divided There is not much left.? In fact, the network era is not backward, unless there is a high technology to replace it, the network era is always the development trend! Like when it comes to A5 a few days ago published the article, at least in the network era expired after 100 years, so we don’t worry, since the choice of

, insist on it!

today, I’d like to talk to you about the experience of a 2000 yuan monthly download site. My level is limited, not a subject to further my opinion, can only speak generally! Because do stand for more than 3 years, the heart has a sense to say a few words, I hope some newcomers can play a guiding role, it is hoped that an expert to give directions for E-G space, is fast! I downloaded


attention to detail,

1, website management system: at first I was hand made by frontpage, and then through the super link to download data to download, so the efficiency is relatively low, then I directly download the open source system. It is very important to choose the download system, which has a great influence on the future development;

Of course,

2 domain name: choose a good domain name is a good choice, but not everyone can find a good domain name, I can only choose to follow my website Chinese name consistent imitation of Pinyin, because for users or remember, while Baidu and Google is also an evaluation the importance of site index, I choose yeeejeee (yeeejeee is the "Yiju" imitation sound);

3: space to space, but let me headache event ah, suggest new sites do not buy too much space, otherwise the cost is very high, your confidence, and then replace the first gradually bigger, more space! I have changed several space. I didn’t know how to download the impact on the server, do not know their site will have much data, so buy a 500M space, a month out, I added 500M, after a month, I ran out, and an increase of 1G, after half a month, my station shut down, I find the space business, their response is not the space they download software, and you download download volume, have much effect on their servers, that doesn’t allow me to use this space, look at IP one day, I was really worried to death! One day space stopped for several hours as it is not a problem is to give people the black room! No way, see a day in the IP up, I had to find space. I thought about renting an independent server this time, but later I realized the impact of the download on the server was so great that it reminded me of the friends who want to be a download station,

!Operation of


do not stand for yourself to see, must stand in visitors >!