Very crazy firmly believe how to promote the station friend network to achieve profit

 : Hello everyone, I am Shanxi SEO crazy, I firmly believe that the Shanxi SEO ( is a very crazy, convinced to set up, share SEO optimization and SEO case of originality, practical, strategic SEO blog. Know better friends network station station friend group only a few months about "how to make" at leisure entertainment "the friends of the net station to achieve the profit is very proud". "Pavilion of Prince Teng" is not ordered was the boy Wang Bo write? Not very crazy believe Wang Bo Wang Bo has the true skill and genuine knowledge, dare courage against the world.

chuang… To praise the point of view from the point of view of friends network joint-stock system, today, Shanxi SEO very crazy, firmly believe that the critical to dissect the true face of friends station network. After class we hope to hear different voices, the best is left more. If you stand is the emperor’s new clothes, the child is very crazy believe; if the station network is Confucius friends, very crazy believe is the birthplace of a madman.

has such a website, called "", there is a QQ group in the station friend network. Gathered a group of SEO, planning, art and other experts stand friends group. Every night, someone lectures and shares his experience with everyone. The atmosphere is so good that you can learn a lot. My evaluation is: standing friends group is the best QQ group I’ve ever seen. But why is there such a good QQ group, group station friends network popularity is not good,


first of all, let us understand the station friends network, [the country’s first joint-stock website – station friends network, webmaster communication and sharing QQ group (now standing friends group) 1770150, has gone through 2 years of history. During the period, we in the group served as administrator and numerous IT (it) the support of the people, always maintain high popularity, the group issued a total of about 5~600 articles, reproduced by 8~10 million times, visitors reached approximately 2~5 million times, to a certain role in promoting the healthy growth China webmaster. With the growing influence of the group, the desire to build a group station and better serve the majority of the webmaster has become louder and louder. Our group has been able to maintain a longer period of prosperity, thanks to grasping the "sharing" of the Internet essence, benefit from adhering to the interactive exchange, which in the form of real exchange and sharing. Our group belongs to everyone. As a group, I no technology, no ambition, the group members of the wisdom of countless wasted, regrettable. Under pressure, has repeatedly planned group stations, but for various reasons ended in abortion. The basic reason is not to do it wholeheartedly. I have a responsibility not to be postponed here. Now we want to do a new stock system, Adsense community. We want to share and exchange the webmaster spirit into the station group, to build a harmonious Chinese webmaster community, provide services to more webmaster, webmaster for Chinese contribution to the cause of 1 forces, at the same time to grow our station group. Note: from the station friends network group King published in 2007-09->