Short rent sharing is promising

domestic short rental company recently ushered in a big wave of financing, the data show that short rental share market is exponential growth, spawned a piece of Chinese made "Airbnb"". According to this, the hotel did not sit still, the hotel has begun to find countermeasures, and even join together to share the economic. Relative to the share of the economy originator Airbnb, in China, short rent, share, solve the problem of trust between strangers, it seems even more difficult to some. Domestic short rent, ants short rental, home network, home travel, tour world, we can see the leading short rent team, who can go further, but also need time to textual research.


China’s Airbnb apprentices have developed their own features on the basis of Airbnb and adapted to China’s national conditions. Under such circumstances, whether Airbnb can be better in the Chinese market remains to be examined.

recent domestic short rental company ushered in a wave of refinancing boom at the beginning of July, piggy rent short completed $60 million C round of financing, mid July rent short wooden bird won $60 million A round of financing at the beginning of August, the way home network to complete the $300 million D round of financing, valuation of over $1 billion, the recent live hundreds of completed nearly 200 million yuan B round financing…… In the window period of the Internet economy, capital has become a barometer of the rise and fall of the industry. It’s just a silhouette of a global short rent sharing economy. Airbnb, the originator of the short rent sharing economy, completed a $1 billion 500 million new round of financing in June, valued at $25 billion 500 million, just 8 years from its creation. Heritage Airbnb essence of the short rent sharing economy, is bathed in bright sunshine, enjoy growth.

Airbnb not only has foreign countries, but also has a large number of similar enterprises such as piggy short rent, wooden bird short rent and so on in China.

in the Native America of Airbnb, short rent sharing economy has gone through more than ten years of development. In 2004, HomeAway was founded even earlier than Airbnb, and it was a strong opponent of Airbnb. As an indispensable part of tourism, accommodation has always been the focus of tourism development. The competition in the hotel industry becomes more and more fierce, founded in 2000 in the United States TripAdvisor is the world’s largest tourism community, it’s the vacation rental site Flipkey recently in New York city launched Airbnb online short rental service, open up new channels of accommodation. San Francisco Tripping website through the provision of vacation rental search service, expanding short rental business, polymerization of HomeAway, Flipkey and more than a dozen websites information. Founded in 2004 by a young American named Fante people CouchSurfing (couchsurfers) is different from the other Airbnb a short rent sharing economy form.

in a few short years, Airbnb as a representative of the short rent sharing economy swept the world, the world