Step by step a trap for users to remember your website

What is

doing for the purpose of bringing customers, advertising fees and so forth?. The web site is to have traffic, of course, through the search engine can bring a lot of traffic, if you have let go of the first visit to the website the customer, that is too bad, so let the user to remember your site.

there are so many websites in the world that it’s hard to get a user to remember the site. In fact, as long as the user a step, a trap, so that he will be in your web site wandering, more wandering for a while, slowly remember.

one step to a trap for users to remember your website:

the first step, first let users access your website.

wants the user to remember your site, enter your website is the first step, through the network advertising or other forms of advertising to promote your web site, of course, this kind of publicity may cost will be larger, if less money, can use SEO, SEO is a way for customers to quickly find your technology.

second step, let the user accept your website.

allows users to accept your website mainly from three aspects, the first one is the visual (overall color, website style, shape and size etc.); second one is from the information content, allowing users to easily find the information he wants; finally, from the operation to provide users with convenient and fast. I experience deep, remember when I make some friends to look at two different sites, the 80% of the people think that the public eye website do good, 20% think another website do well (this site is not convenient to mention), I analyzed, that good people are IT industry that vision is not very good, the myopia is more. This site is just an eye hospital, the green background makes the eyes look very comfortable, and the value of some text information, the user is very good to accept your website. In fact, the user is not picky, but you did not seize the user’s heart.

third step, let users enjoy your website:


user has found your website and paused for a while on your website and found some exactly what he wanted, but he was surprised to find out more about the information he wanted. He was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the fact that your website did provide him with valuable information, and there were many other information he wanted. So, he collects your website, or he recommends your website to his friends. To do this, in addition to pay attention to art design, the text of the effort must be terrible, content requirements rich, unique requirements. This is to increase the viscosity of the user.

fourth steps, so that users can not do without your web site

if the user visits your site for the first time, he is satisfied and appreciates your site. When he needs another kind of information, he will naturally think of your website. If he doesn’t keep your website, >