A beginner who buys space and domain names to share experience

when I first bought the domain name space, I also spent a week or so. I was at the post to each big forum, look at what places to buy cheap and good quality. The results showed that there is no such thing as Oh, ha ha ~ ~ ~ ~ I finally spotted roughly GoDaddy, who is the best domain name provider oh. Then I find the GoDaddy forum, I found the American host detective, I went to soak for one or two days, a lot of harvest, such as discount code on GoDaddy, but there is also a lot of master, they are very enthusiastic, you have a problem as long as they know will be the first time to reply to you, I thank you they.

work almost done on my GoDaddy’s official website to buy, this station is full English, my English was not so good, so it looks more difficult, finally paid, find a shopping cart what did not. I didn’t see the domain name and space, which I am anxious, I think a few hundred dollars will not be swallowed? I would host the United States detective net post consultation, they said that GoDaddy has a very good reputation, they will put the money back to me, then my heart just fall down.

I say why I pay, what I do not receive payment? That is because I finished, put the shopping cart to delete the domain name and space, which is the United States and Chinese have a time lag problem, this payment is successful, there is estimated to have yet to see, so to remind beginners English, to foreign websites to buy things, do not remember the shopping cart to the east east!!! After a few days and finally get a refund, though to get a refund, but now wasted a lot of time, so we can buy the best or one-time success.

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