A real story that creates less than a million dollars a year

Guo total morning is the first thing to open the webmaster network, look at the webmaster news, learning website knowledge.

, I also began to pay attention to the webmaster network, although the network does not know anything, but often see some webmaster articles, really can feel the Internet is not easy.

began to admire the Internet people from the start (in fact, Guo total little brother, younger than me), his network company has now registered, Guo Daxia network science and technology limited company, the name is also good, I’ll tell you his story about the internet.

we first talk about the environment here, I and Xiao Guo is an office, he is the boss, my assistant, although he always said I’m a secretary, but I was 3 years old, is my sister would not be a secretary, when the morning rush, he would call me sister. His name is Guo Jing, before the stationmaster net also sent a lot of articles, because the transaction is busy recently, I have no time to send out, he always said to write some soft Wen promotion company, I write, is soft, is my heart.

Guo Jing graduated from college in July 2007. In Jixi, Heilongjiang, a small place, Guo often give person when they are said to be graduated from Jixi University, not for anything else, because it is his alma mater, he felt very honored, when the first book publishing house, because he is young, the school is not known, but is not willing to publish and school age the name of the. However, under his insistence, he still published the name of the school. For nothing else, he wanted to win glory for the school.

I can say is

and small Guo Yi Lu came, after graduation he came to my office, I was a manager at a financial company, he just graduated from a child to company or shy, so I spoke to him, he has no language. Time. But the conditions of the company’s sales staff are very loose, so long as they are here to apply for it, they have left it.

Guo points to our group, I will teach him some financial knowledge, he is the financial professional graduate, so it is not very difficult, and the relevant knowledge and will soon use.

at that time, the company kept asking us for performance, otherwise we didn’t have the base salary and bonus. And Guo is a stranger, saying that to find customers, it is not an easy thing. At the same time, I know he is learning financial knowledge, he said he can not find business, it is necessary to learn professional knowledge, professional eating. I didn’t find it, and he had a hand over the internet. That’s when his personal homepage was secretly built up (www.guodaxia.com). Site time: 2007-08-08, he graduated next month, but also to the company a few days later. After the website was established, he insisted on making comments on the gold investment every day, giving some free advice to investors. So, as a result, gathered a certain popularity. I know he has a website that’s for the boss to find