From the website to the management of the site treat the child

speaking of this article, it is a wave of N fold. At the beginning, I wrote in A5 on the second sink, for the novice, once let me feel A5 not the signature no longer boom. Later, I know for the first time that the webmaster network can contribute, so to the article building blocks, Yangyang wipe so many words. As a result, tragedy, no preservation, nothing, it made me give up again. But today, I started writing again, and began to contribute, because what? And slowly down the road.

theme, or with that article, about the new Adsense from the site of the incubation to the business aspirations.

haven’t come to A5 for a long time, but today I’m here because I’m on my own. At present, what is the work of their own forces, recently focused on the SEO phase. Come and share your feelings. Is a new person, to the same new station… Is also a summary and review of the past month.

, a website (where I am maintaining and operating, mostly selling products of building materials via the Internet), from the web site to the production, modification, and optimization and operation. Just like watching your children grow up, little by little, from birth to constant growth. I understand, in the colorful Internet, only 2 place is my home, one is not lost and QQ space, the other one is the same as the son Zhenyun deformation joint official website. For this "son", is divided into three stages of teaching, the first stage is the construction site, this is the basis, like the baby; the second stage, website optimization, this is analogous to that time, until the children work before the third stage, website management. It’s like a son starts work to earn money back. During the period, as an adult, no matter how old the child is, he must be constantly taught. The website always has problems, or programs, or search engines. Besides, it also has to constantly adjust the user experience of the website, not to mention dealing with so many different customers. But it’s really a great sense of accomplishment, especially when it grows strong enough.

talk about the first step, because you want to quickly make a website, and take into account your own hobbies, but also want the entire personal photography section, and even open registration. So we chose the open source dedecms system, I have never been exposed to PHP and CMS system, just a short time program, ape, then C/S era. The thought of a template can be used to install, who knows or having some trouble, the last change to change, I spent almost 2 weeks, most of this time is used in the study on the dedecms system. The final site has no additional JS. Only articles, products and blogs. But I would like to say that the amendment is not so simple as expected. When the finished product looks like it, it is very gratifying. Is my style, refreshing, clear, without too many modifications, the subject of direct and clear.

and then I run nonstop