Awesome brother share a year selling website website website operation experience

Hello, my brother is awesome. Maybe everyone will see it on the A5 trading section. Basically a big fan of A5, too.

contact website operation also faster for more than a year, large and small websites have touched many, basically all kinds of Web site procedures also understand a lot. I used to sell the station in the forum, whether it was a garbage station or a traffic station, but it was passed by my hand, but I sold it at last. The transaction of dozens of pen, prices are relatively cheap, credibility is also good, really here to thank A5 intermediary comrades, you are indeed on behalf of A5 reputation, is your interpretation of what is the credibility of the A5.

in more than one year in the A5 forum, from a boy who, until now the website operation this one little, learned quite a lot of website operation, SEO optimization technology etc.. Do not know how many webmaster, like me, every day when you are free, will open the A5 home page, see what the home page of the latest Adsense news, the latest article, the latest soft text. Every time I see the original text, the heart is very admire them, admire their execution, sometimes I wonder why I can’t write such a good article, but the primary school language did not learn, it is sadly sigh.


does not know how many people like me, every night before going to sleep in bed, cut from Nokia5230, open the familiar bookmarks, with a fresh sense of open forum home page, see I love the forum recently have the latest web site to sell. Occasionally, I see better websites, and I will be a friend of support, comment. If you go, I will write down the next line when the look, observe good if yes, I will hand down. Of course, the site is so many, but also needs careful screening, after all, the quality of the site is uneven, the price difference is also relatively large. Sometimes, when I see the topic recommended by the forum, the very excellent websites are sold. I am thinking that if I have such a cattle website, it’s not mine. It can only be seen from the distance, and it can’t be profaned. Sometimes, to see some very general or poor quality of the site, but also just look at, quietly diving.

trading in the website forum mixed for a long time, is also a trained gold eyes of fire for the website, website evaluation, quality analysis and development prospects still have the ability to distinguish certain. The first is the earliest, first entered the A5 forum, with a lot of passion, in the website operation is not too familiar with the case, investment of several garbage station, of course, the price is relatively high, a few months later operation, proved my failure. Remember that Taobao is a guest website, the Taobao customer is not included, but I was not even what is included do not know, only know that the site is very beautiful, do like Taobao, very beautiful, very portal style. But I know, beautiful behind is cup, not included, god horse is floating clouds, no traffic, your mother called you to go home to eat. It’s like this!