Discussion on the function of independent blog in network marketing

in the network marketing I always choose this platform independent blog, independent blog that can not be compared with many other promotion platform, of course I may have their own experience in this field, but also for the network marketing platform other understanding is not very deep, so there is a certain bias, but the network marketing independent blog really let me taste the sweetness of a lot, I think the following will write out independent blog role in network marketing with the webmaster friends to share


1: independent blog can achieve the role of "people first" and "brand building"

this is the core role in the marketing of independent blog, independent blog can help bloggers to establish the image and brand, at the same time, we can create sophisticated content in the independent blog, let customers get a good experience from it, which can narrow the distance between the customer and the formation of further interaction, and finally, naturally to the client the formation of trust relationship, finally to help you establish a brand image, then the network marketing naturally become very simple, natural conversion can also more


two: independent blogs can play their own features,

is an independent blog as a living person, has its own style, and this style is the main Bo reflects a unique personality charm, nature can make your blog become more attractive, can let the customer experience out to relax in your blog, pleasant and trust, so natural it can effectively enhance the network marketing effect of


three: blogs can form interactive

each have independent blog comment feature, and a message board, you can speak freely in the above comment on the blog, is love, love is not good, or are able to form a good interaction, we can in the above debate can also be consistent or attack the same admiration, all can fully make bloggers and customer interactions, customers can also interact with the independent blog! This is undoubtedly to lay a solid emotional foundation of network marketing


four: stand-alone blog program, easy to use,


program function in terms of network marketing although not large, but the more simple function is to let everyone familiar with, not because of trouble and not willing to sign a blog, so the birth of blog is basically full are Bo, said cloud has a blog, called clouds float, visible blog charm this, from another side, the use of blog is a lot of people, so through the blog marketing network, the target audience is also very extensive, natural marketing effect will be better!

five: independent blogs have powerful extensions,

now many independent blog as well as custom templates, merchandise display function, of course, these modules are realized through custom, sometimes also can spend some money for the third party to help create personalized independent blog, some.