CNNC finally change its rough domain name governance attitude

14, CNNIC released "on a registered domain name information to check the work of the notice", mentioned in the 09 years prior to December 14th registration of individual.Cn users need to submit registration contact ID card (copy or scan), contact (telephone, e-mail address, etc.) to accept the audit, although there is no formal expressly release personal.Cn domain name registration, but the attitude of the January before obviously loose a lot.

published in the CNNIC twenty-fifth China Internet development statistics report shows that in 2009 the number of CN domain name 13 million 459 thousand and 133, down 113 thousand and 193 in 2008, a decrease of 0.83%. We have every reason to think that this decline of more than 11 registered volume is only in December last only half a month time, and this half of the loss may not more than 110 thousand…… According to the average monthly users about more registered CN domain name, only the company or agency may not reach this number, if the ban on personal registration, it will lead to a large number of websites registered outside the domain, resulting in the loss of a large amount of money, it can be calculated, but also CNNIC want to see.

so open personal registration is supposed to represent the general trend, child mother network ( has been that the governance network vulgar content cannot use one size fits all, also not rude to prohibit the domain name registration person completely wrong, this is shirking its responsibility, vulgar content spread the reason is not because of personal registration, but because regulators do not the regulatory responsibilities, it is dereliction of duty, but a month before the practice is completely unwarranted charges completely pushed to the individual webmaster, personal Adsense is vulnerable, how can managers struggle with


CNNIC now also put a little oolong, regardless of whether they really know is wrong, or look at the money on the face, now the situation is facing the good aspects of development, this is further evidence that the Internet world is not to transfer personal will, finally only rough prohibition of tragedy. As King Yu combating the flood is not blocked up, blocking, can only rely on counseling management, it also reminds the regulators can do its regulatory functions, but also the majority of individual owners a healthy growth of free space.