n fact your mind can be more abnormal

according to the normal theory, generally successful webmaster, more or less "mind" are a little problem! Can also say "abnormal" more than ordinary people! Of course I say "mind problem" and "abnormal" is not medically what disease, but said the success of general ideas and work style is often beyond the imagination of others, it is because of this, there will be many different characteristics of successful site appears, many successful Internet webmaster! There are a lot of things have not been excavated, no you can not do, only you can not think of


many grassroots Adsense just blindly follow the trend, collect, copy and paste all day and night, search engines, traffic, a penny, the 99% web site access objects from search engines. What day search engines do not like you, and abandon you, you go to the major forums, "one crying, two, three hanging," complaining about the complaint. Of course, earn money, engage in the dumpster, also can earn extra money, but not everyone can earn extra money. It’s normal for someone to make 3000IP less than 1 yuan a day.

China’s grassroots webmaster, the team is very large, at any time will be promoted to "senior webmaster."". In addition to the grassroots webmaster "Xu" and "never give up" the spirit, should have the successful "abnormal" thinking! "Never give up" only you "stick", but if you are more "abnormal", maybe you are in a new". The same type of site, the other party has been successful, there are still a large number of people who do not imitate the tasteless. Finally, you will find that imitation can be successful, beyond, never possible, a little bit of strength, and may be divided into a small cup of soup, every month with hundreds of pieces of money, perhaps many webmaster feel satisfied. If someone told me that he did stand in order to be interested, I can only believe in 0.1%. Do web site, do not make money, then you have to die. This sentence is a grassroots hero said. Although it is often mentioned that "talk about money hurt feelings", but the reality of the society, which Adsense to do the site, do not want to be able to produce something, and get some returns, can have a lot of money.

so I suggest you to spend a lot of time in a mechanical imitation, let your mind more "abnormal", day and night of hard work in the webmaster, family or girlfriend, wife’s eyes, is actually a normal person, I hope that we can optimize the "normal", "to others first think, do what others want to do", so that there is a chance! For example: the author is a grassroots webmaster, is too normal, so there has been no success. A few days ago in a forum to find a domain name: admin168.com, I believe that many people see this domain name, the first feeling is that you can only do a webmaster class site. But now again to do Adsense type of site, has basically no hope. Many successful webmaster will give you experience, there is a little experience is worth mentioning, is to do stand to small and fine, big and complete web site, a person is busy