Bi Sheng vertical electricity supplier is a scam but ‘m back

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sold after Amoy, Bi Sheng moved the idea of retirement.

"vertical electricity supplier is scam" speech, make him become industry public enemy, also let staff sad, even if Bi Sheng openly admitted "I was defeated", also can’t prevent diffuse resistance. In the second days after the completion of the sale of Amoy Amoy, Bi Sheng flew to Sanya alone.

Bi Sheng is human, very early in the Internet industry debut (early Baidu employee), good friends, go where I will pull a bunch of brothers drink wine. Friends heard the music Amoy sale, want to pull him out to relax through different channels, are Bi Sheng declined. They sigh: "old Bi how to change so silent?".

that’s all. Bi Sheng opened a person’s daze trip, in the dead of night, empty everything.

later,, become dark horse, kill out, some people say, you see, Bi Sheng is wrong, it is his own bad. Of course, there are a large number of vertical electricity suppliers disappeared or sold, such as good music to buy, such as Ke LAN diamond.

at least finished. The more you do, the more painful you are, and there is no end to the loss.

more let him fear is that footwear electricity supplier moat is not high, in the absence of a unique value to the user circumstances, at any time there will be a pile of the same company.

music Amoy unique value in where? From toys, vertical electronic business platform to women’s own brand, Bi Sheng can not give the answer.

Now most of the B2C

, including Jingdong, although clearly listed, but still in the scale of profits on the road to explore, everyone knows that the electricity supplier is promising, but who knows it is not easy to make money, long and difficult.

doing music Amoy, Bi Shengchang expounded in the vertical electricity supplier dream, plus a sentence, "I’m not bad money, really."."


as the main staff of the early, Bi Sheng witnessed the way Internet business model. At least Baidu, make money easily than the electricity supplier too much, he has no experience of entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun, Liu Qiang East in pedaling tricycle delivery difficult.

, such as Bi Sheng, experienced a lot of people, they participate in innovation and subversion, so when choosing entrepreneurship, it is easy to produce heroic pride of heroic feelings: do one thing, to change the world.

this is easier said than done, let him pay the full tuition amoy.

left Amoy music, often with Bi Sheng Guangzhou factory owners together, once he followed PRADA China manufacturer boss to see the material, the man grabs a leather, close your eyes and touch, can tell the origin and price. "Awe of the heart," these four words suddenly jumped to Bi Sheng chest, goose bumps all over the body.

people on the Internet are really smart, but a lot of them are smart." Bi Sheng said. A large number of vertical electricity suppliers fell, precisely because a lot of