Look at website content organization from New Year’s greeting SMS

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was in the early days of the new year’s day to write, received more than 100 messages, but only one message is I remember and have moved, the other logical read delete, and many did not even look, when I was like to delete spam messages, for full a large number of replication and download messages for it. This year’s economic situation is so many people worried, so there are a lot of friends to how to carry out network marketing for me to get out of trouble, many of them even put a lot of manpower and material resources to carry out the construction site and the harvest is not very strange, they are: the day’s website and no technical content, traffic and why not, you can get so many customers and huge benefits? In fact is the core of website content, website content and organization with the same holiday greetings, and only adhere to the original intention, can obtain the trust of others


in a large number of New Year greetings SMS received once let me annoyed, because are some of the basic format of greetings, a look that is downloaded from the Internet or forwarding it, even received a large number of people to send the same message content, so I deleted all the trouble. I think this may be related to the sender’s intention is very different, it is a kindness, but it gave me to add a lot of trouble, because this message without seeing, and basically can not remember who sent me a message, which is the largest contribution to China Mobile quietly 1 cents communication fee, unfortunately, China Mobile and I have no relatives in any relationship, so this text is white…

but have a message touched me, this is a colleague sent me the message, the content is very simple, very simple, but it is true! He listed his for me some holiday wishes and his own hopes in 2009, but I’m sure this is his own editing. In such a message, I feel that these wishes are real and close to me. Compared with other messages, I remember the names of my colleagues and left a deep impression on them.

when reading a large number of sites, so we did not mind, the Internet is flooded with a large number of replicate content, I think this is unable to obtain the user’s favor. After all, the user is king today, the content of the website is to attract users to the core of things, adhere to the original intentions and reasonable content organization is particularly important, you have to write and organize web content from the user’s point of view? Don’t think plagiarism or copying is a shortcut, only to deceive ourselves (this last sentence is for those a lot of plagiarism day website people).

The success of

weather website is that even if it is a small icon and punctuation mark, we should think carefully and try to find out from the user’s reading habits and aesthetic point of view. Whether it is the design of the web site or the content of the organization, we adhere to the original! We are simple to use words to reflect our true wishes and conditions, never exaggerate, and never humble. So >