B2B enterprise fire analysis of transaction type B2B investment logic

in the 2C market, social entertainment, information media, electricity consumption and life service, almost every consumer demand of the field has been covering the Internet, Internet technology advantage is to play to the extreme, making information like water flow, such as light as fast, arrived in front of a person to any. Therefore, the achievements of the Internet market value of hundreds of billions of companies, too numerous to mention.

, and 2B’s domain, is becoming a new blue ocean of Internet technology penetration. In the past, ERP and SaaS promoted the efficiency of the enterprise, but the B2B platform improved the collaboration of different roles in the industry, as well as the circulation of information, goods and funds in the industry.

B2B company already has, but into the industry chain, and is committed to improving the efficiency of the industry structure, matchmaking transactions B2B trading platform recently. The model originated in 2013 (or earlier), grew rapidly in 2014, and flourished in 2015. The feeling of venture capital circle is very obvious. Trading B2B project has mushroomed, and it has been emerging in the field of commodity industry and vertical segmentation industry.

investment logic in the source of the capital, the Internet’s greatest value is to help all sectors and industries to enhance efficiency, optimize or even change the pattern of the original industry. Through technical means, to develop new ideas to improve the real industry, to create value, is the foundation of entrepreneurial companies and the common source of capital.

in the face of different vertical areas have emerged trading B2B platform, the source code has already been earlier in this layout. At present, the source capital investment in the track has covered many vertical fields. For example, B2B platform of agricultural products a mu of farmland, the rapid development of the company is committed to making China farmers groups can better sell agricultural products; such as the coal fields of coal prospecting network, is an emerging B2B coal company, they are improving the coal industry circulation efficiency and service in the industry; for example, 100 cloth, help Chinese several hundreds of thousands of clothing, Home Furnishing manufacturers better find cloth, directly connecting cloth manufacturers…

which industries are suitable for B2B platforms?

when most people hear this question, the first reaction is in the commodity sector. Commodities tend to be standard, so they are easily priced, prices fluctuate, and prices need to be delivered in a timely fashion, which is where the Internet is most likely to be played. In fact, which industries are best suited for B2B trading platforms, we summarize a set of criteria for screening judgments:

1, upstream and downstream of the industry are scattered enough, the more dispersed the better. In general, there are many small and medium-sized upstream manufacturers, there are many small and medium-sized downstream customers, in order to better play the platform link matching value, which is very good.

2, dynamic trading, the more dynamic the better. Because the transaction decision between the enterprise and the enterprise, and the C end customer’s transaction decision-making is very different, the enterprise will have many internal processes, but also involves the gray interest. A >