Case study four main points for optimizing mobile Web products

the number of mobile devices worldwide is increasing. Faced with the challenge of creating a good web experience across multiple different devices, there are already multiple solutions. But for any given project, which of these solutions is the most appropriate? In order to answer this question, "" mobile first author Luke Bagcheck as an application case (Note: Bagcheck is a company engaged in the discovery of innovative enterprise business), explained the reasons behind the choice were designed for mobile and desktop the version, and by comparing the extracted four optimized mobile Web product recommendations. The full text is as follows:

himself is an advocate and fan of the idea of responsive Web design (Responsive, Web, Design). But people often asked me: why do we have to construct a separate Bagcheck independent mobile version, without the use of the fluid grid (fluid grids), pictures (flexible images) and elastic media queries (media queries) method for our mobile users to provide a response solution of Web



for our Bagcheck site, site performance and site development speed are two crucial issues. Many of the decisions we made were meant to make both the site’s performance and development speed as fast as possible (after all, we’re a new enterprise). As part of our attention to the performance of the website, we also focus on the idea that "what is necessary"?. That means we need to present some of the things they need to different devices or users. We are willing to do some optimization work. Using the system template (dual), we can optimize from the following aspects, such as source, order, media, URL structure, and application design.

We initially to the command line interface

(command-line interface) to form Bagcheck on the basis of this, we create a mobile version of the Bagcheck Web experience, and soon developed a desktop version of the Bagcheck Web experience. Such a process may also affect the development methods we use.

it’s also worth mentioning that although I’m good at coding, I’m mostly a designer. Because my focus is on design elements, I’ll try to include as many technical resources as possible in this article. If you have more resources and ideas, send it to me quickly,


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