Cai Liwen the nternet needs a new model

we’ve been talking about the business model of the internet. A variety of. In fact, in short, the most effective patterns are often the simplest. Like advertising.

before doing my dragnet, I have had many small sites: Chinese material, network, and other dozens of alliance free domain name site, I immediately follow the trend of popular website what. But soon found that with the wind attracted a certain popularity, but not in a short period of time to leap and enhance, and always no way to achieve beyond. Because there are too many people in the network like me, imitating them. There is a saying: "like I live, like I die.". Now think about it. It’s a real hit.

started production in September 2007. I have been pulling the net for 8 months now. There are 95000 registered members and 2 million 650 thousand pictures generated. Much of this is due to the power of the new model. Gap market simple and efficient, help you solve some bits and pieces of chicken thing, let the station people have more energy for website operation, no longer need to worry about small technology for half a day. This is the trend of social development, the division of labor is becoming more and more thin. Fools become the most powerful weapon.

didn’t get much support when he first started working on 55.LA. Many people do not understand this simple watermark function, you can do it with PS, and what generates online, and you can only input text. The application seems too simple. In fact, this is an understanding of the misunderstanding has always existed, we overestimated the enthusiasm of users of technology. The talented, fanatical programmers are on TV, and in China’s environment, it’s just another. Most of us around the individual webmaster, technically not so much to the point of force. Most people are reluctant to worry about a little bit of small technology. Everyone’s needs are walking in all directions, very fragmentary. But through the Internet, you will find the enormous potential of this market. tells us, China’s Internet users at this stage of the use of the Internet is still at a very basic stage.

with the development of Internet technology, most of today’s webmaster who write their own BBS? Who wrote their own programs, Statistics website traffic? We are using more efficient tools.

with the emergence of professional and technical providers, we all need to continue to do things repeatedly, after the market reshuffle, gradually focused on several companies to provide fool level applications. The advent of standardization has helped to enhance the user experience. Today we no longer have to go to the post button where, most sites are using the DISCUZ forum. Today, most websites have the same typography, because they all use Dede systems such as CMS and empire. This will help you improve the speed of the site, the use of time in the competition site operation, which for personal Adsense more meaningful, rather than stay in the simple primary solution technical level.