Starting from human nature analysis of soft text title creative thinking


wrote an article called "[thinking] Article" altruistic thinking "in the website operation" emphasis is very important, when we do the operation strategy, we must first consider the user experience, there is no value to the user, the user can not meet some needs! We want to talk about today is very our operations in a link to their soft Wen wrote a fucking

title!Often can see the news on the Internet before

: just about WeChat changed the title of the article, the amount of reading is better than the original turn several times! The power to increase the visible Title reading quantity is absolutely not be underestimated. First impression after all users contact your article or your title (of course, the quality is also very important), or return to our first argument that, starting from the perspective of the psychological needs of users, we discuss together what users are interested in what the article, hope to read these behind you write the title to find their own ideas.

I don’t want to love a lot of online

summary of the title write soft skills, because at that time see you may feel very tall, but after all, that is what people summed up, when you go to write may still not have ideas, because you don’t have to consider others thinking to learn here, you see only his achievements, so here I want to share with you is apart from the living example, more important is to tell you how to go through the analysis of human thinking, do this, this method is the inevitable product, say to you can have more value



, a point

that stimulates visual perception

, to be clear, is to stimulate the visual aspects of the target user, these elements are many, here simply share:

1, special symbols: such as ",", "", "[], []","……" The "@", and a lot of online ready-made WeChat Title Graphic symbols, these have even become some public number writing habits, when people see these signs will have different feelings, a sense of view also has the heart, such as the exclamation mark expressed surprise, ellipsis good highlights the suspense, about to speak, but saying nothing, mark it is called the user’s curiosity…… And these are the points that stimulate the user’s sense of vision;


examples of dry goods:

before modification: secret public number reading article 10W+ reason

revised: WeChat public number article reading amount 10W+, how is it trained?

before the amendment: China’s richest man stabbed to the bank’s heart, the bank broke the model open

revised: robbery! China’s richest man to the Bank of hearts slotting knife, bank bankruptcy mode open, our money……

2, digital sensitive: with a digital sense, the amount of information is very high, >