Unfortunately there are 45% of us

Just on the

station network, see the "45% years" zero income for small and medium-sized websites this article, for others it may not be what, a general survey data only, but for me, very worried, unfortunately, I have this 45%.

joined the webmaster team, the origin of stationmaster net grab treasure, I believe many people still remember this activity, I am very lucky to grab one, in second days to submit Alipay received 50 yuan bonus, I also started the webmaster life so. My first website is Guangxi logistics information network, because the University of professional logistics management, familiar to logistics, just in line with a simple procedure to engage in, now remember website appearance, then Baidu is still good to me, three days to start collection, IP has been to more than 800, and later for the program, changed the way it is, because the space is too small, only 200M, delete a lot of things, probably because of this, caused a lot of death, right down to Baidu, this website still hanging in there now, half-dead.

From the

website online to now seems to have half a year, in addition to the GG account is not qualified to pay dozens of knives, I have not made a penny from the site, now the mood, especially just saw that article, very vexed very worried, it seems a long time not to call home, my dear parents speechless. Now I still live in the rental room every day, do not feel tired running in the network, the pursuit of my ideals and goals.

here, I would like to thank the many webmaster friends, they gave me a lot of encouragement and help, I often think of their way, how to do a popular website? I believe many people have encountered such a problem, the university professional is often not the best love. Just like me, learning logistics management, but a deep interest in the network, and put their lives in this position. When I was doing the station, my friend asked me what kind of website you would like to be. I told him I was going to be a successful logistics professional website. I have many large logistics sites, and in-depth study of the operation mode and their profitability, and plans have been made, the revision work has begun, through my understanding of logistics and analysis of customer psychology, the logistics information network will be welcomed by customers.

today is in the logistics station for revision, I still fight alone, not afraid of hardship, not tired. Hope that 45% of the webmaster friends unite, believe in yourself, believe in their creativity, to create their own world. Also, don’t forget to pick up your phone and tell your dear mom and Dad, "we’re fine,


the first to write, is long winded, forgive me.