The nternet Entrepreneur Club is not an official Association

Baidu Internet Entrepreneur Club set up in Beijing. Some friends applaud, some people sing bad. As an atypical webmaster, I am not qualified to attend the meeting and will not be invited by the authorities. Only in the far away place, whisper, whisper a blessing. But in the end, since it is the Entrepreneurs Club, since Baidu pull the head, and the roots of the webmaster in command, it would have to do something.

, the lead Baidu, released the SEO guide. As a person who can not SEO and can not read SEO information, I naturally do not know the actual situation, but my friend said yes, I think so. Baidu can do so, at least in the official capacity to publish, can be worthy of recognition. But I hope that Baidu can really give Internet entrepreneurs some benefits, can improve the life of the webmaster.

I am a pseudo webmaster, an atypical webmaster. I’ve done a few websites that have no future. But Baidu is friendly and can deliver a lot of traffic a day. But sometimes Baidu is not included for a few days, traffic will be affected, and this premise is not cheating, which usually makes me puzzled. Followed by the Baidu alliance, all know friends know, income is not optimistic. I think these, Baidu has a solution. After all, for many small Adsense, alliance advertising is a more conventional way of income. If you can think of ways to use practical ways to help Internet entrepreneurs, I think this is very good.

of course, these do not do, I think, secondly, the key is not to use the webmaster, to achieve their purpose, and then kick. Don’t be like some official associations. When you collect money, you are very active. Your relatives are very strong, but you can’t find people when you do things. If I remember well, the union somewhere in front of me would give the fist to the workers. Of course, this is only a small number, but most of the associations are using people to collect money, and other things are too lazy to do so, I really see a lot of such associations.

Internet entrepreneurs club, in fact, is an association, has great appeal, if you want to use this appeal, for their own profit and play webmaster, I think it is a bit bad. Of course, this association has just been established, and I only hope so. As an unknown webmaster, not a real station of the atypical webmaster, I still hope the hero before you, when you eat meat, to the small station to keep some bones. If you eat the bones, then the little ones really have a dead end.

China Internet to be strong, big brothers to continue big, I think small Adsense is indispensable. Support Internet entrepreneurs, give them a good environment, than what support is more practical. My greatest hope is not to stifle the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and give them a free environment. Others, really dare not expect.

: after the well-known master Guo Jijun to the wind. "