Some insights about tool sites

Some insights about

tool sites

my company is to do campus real map, because of the site positioning and website user degree design, so I have some small self experience.

tool site pre positioning, planning definition

tool website, should be a reasonable positioning website planning, website construction can be diversity, but the content of the website is to let people easy to accept, and can meet the needs of the majority of users. Reasonable pre planning of a website is a prerequisite for the success of a website. If you can do a lot of content on the web site, and the direction of the site is very complex definition, it is easy for your colleagues to easily let users experience the site lost.

tool sites need good user experience to design

tool sites are different from traditional web sites. Compared to traditional websites, the content of the website is not rich in traditional websites, but only provided with functional modules of some websites. The tool website needs to have a good user experience of the web site, similar to the content of the website classification list, query class of modules of the website optimization and simple processing, cookie records of user search functions, such as query tool Chinaz in the input box input address and the entire section of the input frame of the unified record, it is also a tool of website user experience innovation, but unfortunately when we use the query in the current page opens, this does not seem to be very good for us to experience as long as the input of a box can be more easily on the website of the comprehensive inquiry function, still need to return the page to repeat enter the url. Good user experience of web tools, allows users to use more convenient, many sites offer content are the same, I think users will choose to use the web interface, comfortable experience on their website. A good user experience tool, the site is easier to achieve a legend on the residence monument.


tool sites for SEO design for search engines

The constructive aspect of the

tool site is more like the Internet’s earliest Web2.0 site, because it already existed when the Web2.0 concept was not mentioned. If some site navigation website in early, there is a good interactive design and construction, it is one of the best is the earliest Web2.0 nature of the web site is a platform for sharing or network bookmark. For example, some of the tools of website will save user query records of the page, and the page of SEO optimization, then we can imagine those large tools of your daily traffic, if the user query and save the generated web pages must be several times the traditional site updated daily amount of contents or even while times, and because of the pages of the reasonable optimization for search and access to the site and make the site traffic surge.

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