The mouse the point of view of website content construction

everyone, new year’s good, I am a mouse, first here, I wish you all the webmaster in the new year, good health, work smoothly, orders many!!


today I want to talk about the website content building. The content of the website construction has been a very troublesome problem we do the webmaster, web site to maintain regular updates, but we have no adequate resources, especially for my head English station, it is I do not know what to do.

I only know that three kinds of solutions, sun drying out here, don’t say good hope you bozhuan.

1. is for my English website. We can find some Chinese news stations on the Internet, or our website products related industry information station, will be good Chinese articles translated into English, and then released to the website above. Before publishing articles, be sure to check in the search engine to check if there is the same or similar articles, so as not to avoid your article being included.

2. pseudo original. This method is not to say here, I believe that webmaster friends know what is the matter.

3. original. The requirements and the difficulty of this method are much the same as those of the first two methods. I believe most webmaster will say, original is too difficult. Yes, I also admit that originality is difficult. But it’s not that hard to use your head a little. For example, when you find an article related to your product, you can read it as a whole, grasp its main idea and express what you want to express. You can then add a section of your text at the beginning or at the end of this text, you can view or on your website and product related information, the search engine climb up to take your site only at the beginning and end of the article, so the two part must not be the same with others. Or after you read other people’s article, you can extract the essence inside, and then combine their own ideas, integration of their own resources, write a article belonging to you.

for these three methods, the mouse’s view is as follows:

1., the first method is a very good solution to the website content of long-term updates, but this method has a drawback, that is, the translation of the article, only the machine can read, people do not understand. What will happen to this? The user’s viscosity will be very low. In other words, the user will never come after your first visit to your site, because your website does not have anything useful for the user. This approach is optional if your site pursues only short-term gains.

2., for pseudo originality, my personal point of view is not to use any more. Now the search engine is more and more intelligent, you want to change the title of the article, to replace some words in the article, upset about the paragraph order of these tricks to confuse the search engine, let him think your article is original? Not likely!