Tips for site friends site building security is important

hacker, a familiar word, should have contacts with people who do web work. Hacker attacks on the site a lot of patterns, the most common is "traffic attack", I believe that encountered a small number of people. Personal experience to know that the loss of serious, web server attacks, system paralysis, resulting in two days are inaccessible. Before hacking, I know nothing about hacking. A lesson for me to site intrusion was done in-depth study, and share with you.

first introduces hacker attacks. There are many versions of the definition of hacker, which basically involve the difficulty of programming techniques. Hacker attacks are different, hackers say quite often. These people focus on deliberate sabotage of other people’s computers and telephone systems, causing intrusions or damage to others. Call it a hacker attack.

attacks there is a method called flow attack, mainly to carry out attacks against the network bandwidth, is the use of a large number of false attack packets to drown legitimate network packets, resulting in network congestion, host unreachable information. The purpose of the attackers was not to sabotage, but to blackmail. The attacker made a direct contact to ask for money or to attack. I suddenly realized that I had been blackmailed, and I didn’t expect anything to happen in real life. High tech has caught me on the internet.

current Internet development by leaps and bounds, security is at a disadvantage, a long time can not be improved. The high-tech become bad motives harm the interests of others. Alipay is through the network to steal passwords, resulting in loss of money examples have occurred. What is more, under the banner of online shop, the use of time difference or other means to induce others shopping, payment after no news. It seems that the Internet security improvement is imminent.

as the saying goes, "a foot higher, a foot high," the hacker attacks can not be avoided, we can only take effective measures, as far as possible to guard against. For example, as far as possible to use high-performance network equipment. In routers, switches, hardware, firewalls and other equipment selection, try to use high visibility, good reputation products. And try to reach agreement with network providers, when malicious attacks occur, you can find them at the network contacts set traffic restrictions. Station friends pay attention to avoid using NAT, because NAT needs to return to the address, the conversion process will check and calculate the network packet, it is a waste of CPU time. Network bandwidth directly determines the ability to withstand attacks, so be sure to make sure you have enough. This time I was using only 10M of bandwidth, and later learned that it was hard to resist SYNFlood attacks, so I’d recommend at least 100M of shared bandwidth. Finally, it is worth noting that, as far as possible the web site as a static page. Because the web site as a static page, not only can improve the ability to resist attacks, but also misleading hackers, at least it will greatly enhance the intruder’s difficulty.

attack, let me see how overbearing, they use high into the level of written procedures for hacking, intrusion. Asking for money can be said to be >