The television station chaolengfan updating techniques

a few days ago in the group saw a funny words: "a stone dropped, if killed 10 people, of which 9 are doing web work, 9 people, 8 people are doing movie station.". Although it’s a joke, it can be seen how hot the movie station is and how many people are doing it.

do more people, competition is big, but also to say no exaggeration, 10 Movie stations, of which 9 were Baidu K. Why is K? May not Baidu, the same thing too much. You have all the acquisition of Youku, Youku, Baidu why you? If not, all of their local resources are K, what is the reason? Or to repeat too much. So the movie station more and more bad, unless you have enough cattle, all of their own resources, the first time to update, then you can not be afraid of Baidu, but most people do not, then I will talk about the mainstream movie station how to take care of it.

movie station is ready to be K, don’t repeat too much content, fortunately, I haven’t been K TV station, have included over yuan, and then to a few hundred, after rescue the slowly rising, said that under the operation.

said that content is king, a movie, what content? The content we have, and can not do false original, but the contents of a broadcast link, how can not repeat? So, movie station first reduce internal site repeatability, a film of a page, in addition to the title and the rest of the different links, are the same, the similarity is too high, the engine will think there is no need to go to catch, so the inside pages must put more content, so that each page can obviously distinguish.

second, the home page is a site of the most important engine, first from your home page to check for updates, unlike other content movie station station, you may not have a new movie with every movie? Stable, updated daily are basically serial drama, drama and updated on the home page it is the location of the link changes, home page content did not change; on the inside pages, update a set, just add a link, so the engine might think you stand no update, the weight is naturally low. What can you do? I want to say that today’s cold method, is the movie for a long time to update all once, let them come in the home page, so the engine again, you will find a home page and now completely different, I insist on a few days, included the obvious rise, but whether it is a coincidence that the eyes of the beholder.

in short, do stations are the same, often updated, new content, content is not new, but also try to dilute its similarity, that’s it!