The process of exchanging 1000P with a keyword

has been in the care of the webmaster for popular keywords, Baidu keyword index to find, today I introduce to you is yourself if a Baidu keyword index in the first place and do not bring traffic experience.

When the

website has started to build some SEO learning theory, I think this is the basic theory of stationmaster must grasp, in a few years ago, if it is a very good content station, may not move SEO, search engine may find you, but now because of the rate of growth in the number too fast, said before saying "sell themselves" experience is not suitable for the modernization, as a webmaster, grasp the basic skills of SEO, is the basis for the success of the website. Therefore, in the analysis of the part of the experience of predecessors, I decided to do a keyword alone does not exist now, creative themselves to create a Baidu keyword does not exist in the index, the difficulty and the time required to do I have prepared, I intend to use half the time to complete this by to some process.


so the website started is the location of the "what" of the word, I first analyzed, and now the Internet has a lot of people that I do not know what to do groups in the network, often appear in the Baidu search "what book" on the Internet, "see what the movie" the Internet, "the Internet to see what the novel" such problems, these will be my future hidden traffic sources, in the selection of good words, is to follow the prescribed order optimization of key words, I made a very important skill in the title, "see what entertainment network, want to see what to see what." A sudden emergence of the 3 available keywords, and then in the column settings, are coupled with "see" such a word, watching basketball, watching football, see the legs and other columns set, is to meet the title of the web site.

see what the online entertainment line, submit the day was Google included, but Baidu has not forthcoming, after nearly 2 weeks, Baidu began to find love included, Google included traditional articles, and Baidu to turn a blind eye. This problem gives me a headache. The site included Baidu boss began to put on airs, I insist that every update, but the amount is included no change, make me rather baffling, but I did not give up, one day, about a month time, it included the number increased to more than 3000, I had this ecstasy, a Baidu is more than a month test period.

The next

included relatively stable, I at 8 in the morning every day to update the site, at 12 o’clock will be included, 2 pm to update once, about 5 were also included, but the number of the collected every day only about 20, if one day I have no lazy update, Baidu smart to reduce the amount collected 10, really is a naughty boy.

after a while, keywords ranking has reached the first three pages, but this time keywords still not been included in the Baidu index, but I >