Small day a tree for the college market business failure stories


] the first domestic guidance specifically for the campus market business website, launched on September 2011, at the end of December 2012 the official Sina micro-blog stopped updating.

at the end of May 2013, electric business veteran Gong Wenxiang in the micro-blog broke the news on the tree network near collapse. Big tree official customer service in the dark horse Advisory said, the company is in the process of adjustment. And the tree network of employee turnover to I horse network revealed that the tree has only, general manager Wang Xiaodong suspected to have to leave to join a new company.

it is understood that the big tree by Suzhou Zhi Shang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Zhi Shang") operations, the real investor behind it is Jiangsu and the group.


Wang Xiaodong (data map)

data show that the neutralization group has many subsidiaries including Suzhou Zhi Shang, formerly known as the "Changshu new century Shoes Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is a promotion and sales of Anta, Lining, Nike and other domestic first-line sports brand products as the core business, set chain retail, quasi financial service, commercial real estate, equity investment, information technology, catering, entertainment, hotel and other diversified enterprise group in one project.

aforementioned big tree network deep throat staff said, and the company in Jiangsu, is living in absolute NO.1 footwear dealers, sports brand line sales king. In this surging electricity supplier era, the line of business to do well, want to extend the line, do not want to miss the opportunity. The big tree is born under this background and thinking. Born in 1983, deputy general manager of Wang Xiaodong’s young and senior management of the group has been entrusted with the task, is responsible for the electricity supplier project tree network operation.

big tree network of ideas is very clear. And group business is best at Anta, Lining, Nike and other sports brand product sales and consumption of such products is the main college students and other young groups, then the lock and consumer groups, relying on the huge line sales network, online business around the college students’ market, from the beginning of college students shopping, extended to social, employment, entrepreneurship and other services, has become the first platform Chinese shopping, making friends, the growth of College students.


, Wang Xiaodong was entrusted with the task to find the electricity supplier team, two important characters: Vice President and deputy general Cui shi. The former is an English study, Newspaper Distribution Agency started, familiar with the National University market channel operation; the latter did eight years of footwear distribution, can get a full range of various sources. A channel, a source of goods, coupled with strong funds behind and the group, Wang Xiaodong team is not simple.

they soon built up a pyramid based offline sales team: in the form of branch offices, the country was divided into fourteen major districts and a large area, radiating 2 to 3 provinces