QQ class web site very fire is very powerful on the analysis of QQ station

is currently a QQ class web site "very fire, very powerful", the specific performance is:

1 and website traffic come quickly;

2, the content of the website is simple;

3, Baidu search category QQ keyword more (Baidu brings more traffic);

4, QQ class websites rich in advertising, the effect is better.


I think we all know that the more powerful 3 QQ sites,

www.qqjia.com, www.qqywf.com, www.qqgexing.com

, I contacted the webmaster of these 3 websites respectively, and got some information. As for the website, there is nothing to analyze. The general situation is as follows:

1, about www.qqjia.com:

QQJIA also called -QQ to home station time early, in 2001 on the site, is the first QQ type site, should be from the beginning of 2003 the fire. The template seems to be the webmaster himself design, to tell the truth, looks very soil, I want to QQJIA Adsense is content, not the surface. Also understand that the big QQJIA is full of "human flesh HTML", that is to say, each article has to edit HTML code manually and take him.

QQJIA is currently IP:30-46 million, Saturday and Sunday more than 400 thousand. It’s a cattle station.

explains: QQJIA is a master of SEO!

2, about www.qqywf.com:

has not been contacted, the website’s contact way sees only: [email protected], sends the mailbox nobody to return, looks like has the advertisement connection QQ, has not seen the line. Or have you learned something about QQYWF:


QQYWF belongs to the QQ space type website, look at his station, wrote about this site:

1, site time: December 2006 09 (initial contact site)

listen to people say that the webmaster is a high student, male, SEO optimization is good, should be good at FLASH. Day IP:20-22 million, Saturday and Sunday: 20-27 million.

3, about www.qqgexing.com:

this station is very simple, advertising less, pay attention to the user experience. Site time should be 2003 November, the main body of the program is to modify the new cloud. Also have their own procedures, the webmaster good at ASP. His station does not pay attention to SEO, it is the website that develops by word of mouth.

currently QQ>