The sweet and sour in the life of the domain name investment

CPU fan asked me, "what are you doing? You are automatically waiting for more than ten minutes! I will rest without working!"

what am I doing,


Oh, well, I’ve been relishing the flavor of these days: sour, bitter, sweet, sweet.

acid: gehangrugeshan. I took part in my work in 2005 and started building in my spare time. In August 08 a day, I stroll in the A5 forum, found that there is a domain name trading board, was very curious, open a look, wow!! a lot of rice farmers selling the domain name, then see the "push" did not know what it is! As web enthusiasts I could not be completely indifferent, I immediately entered the "home page, the interface layout is very good, color collocation and relaxed atmosphere, PR is quite high, so the first impression of the name. Domain name can also make money, just need us to think, that is, more simple than the site, and at that time that they think smart, eat by head can be. Confidence makes me very quick start investment, I think many domains, mainly divided into two kinds: one is naive, I use 2-3 software to find the pure letters and numbers, remember to check the is not registered, then the excitement of everyone as can be imagined. The other is a narcissistic love, feel the domain name, such as: ya***, yaoy****, 5** etc. that they think a good domain name, but also all kinds of suffixes, the most is! Now think of it really is funny. As was the one yuan meters, a registered only one yuan, also did not care about, just know a good registration, but slowly found, I think of the domain name registration is always endless, but this time was found early. I counted, only a few dozen. This should be tuition fees. I know, tuition is the first stage of rice farming, although did not believe they have to pay tuition, but on reflection, fearless, draw a lesson is not what is not good, after all is gehangrugeshan.

: at that time, "no bitter forum, must want to join into this big family, so I kept visiting other domain name trading site, and therefore know what 22, amber, rich etc.. But in the end chose in style home, as we all know, love is often the first to feel the decision. I found a lot of domain name trading group, each into a group, almost all worship a master, ask them for advice, don’t know the problem, sometimes almost a dozen questions, the teacher scare away. So, rather than just * * * me more cautiously, understand com is king, CN is also a popular, never arbitrary domain name registration, each registered a will in the mind to think about the domain name, some people will want? This domain will be suitable for the website? Not to the terminal, we will meet minon? In order to think of a good domain name, the domain name to find a lot of batch query software, collect the key stop, crazy Larry query >