User misunderstanding in the operation of nternet products

now the Internet business team on TV, we emerge in an endless stream, network media, newspapers are often able to see such reports, say team products obtained A round of financing, a team of product because subscribers exceeded several billion has been on venture capital. Such news in the current Internet start-ups peak everywhere. Well, these so-called "tens of millions of" level, hundreds of millions of users of the scale of Internet products, operation team is really like the report said, so strong. In fact, the fact can not be generalized, although the operation of digital Internet product operation is very important, is an important basis, but these figures, the user scale is not a digital can really reflect the actual situation of the. There are a lot of Internet product operations team, users may start small, but to the back after the statistics, the user scale has reached a considerable number, but once out of the venture capital investment, it is easy to be drained. The reasons behind it are often due to some of the most practical problems, exaggerating the size of the user, in the user’s understanding into a number of errors.

, first of all, don’t make PV a full user. As we all know, PV is an important indicator of website operation, and it directly determines whether your products have customers to patronize. Now there are still many Internet sites have high network traffic, but also occurs in such a situation, although these site traffic continues to rise, but the URL of the income continues to decline, the reason is that this variable line PV brings rate. So, the Internet is the same product, users online at the same time rate is high, but some may be the software embodiment of numbers, for example, high bounce rate will also make down your PV value, because it is necessary to convert PV to value is conditional.

secondly, don’t take downloads as real users. Now there are many methods to promote APP, there are many rewards are very rude, you download my APP on the platform, I can give you many red envelopes of cash, the Tencent inside long-term application treasure sweep Code Red campaign, and download the number of activities within the provisions, we can immediately get the cash envelopes, so a lot of promotion APP product operations team, may the eyes see is the download quantity of the product is high, but the user does not know what is true or what reason for demand will go to download your APP, then download the APP will continue to use, or receive subsidies immediately deleted. As a result, APP products downloaded by cash and prizes are extremely unreliable and require great discounts, not necessarily real users.

again, don’t take brush rankings and user users as real users. Now, especially APP promotion is more and more fiery, many specialized in APP brush, users brush the user’s business is also getting better and better. However, many people know that this brush flow is false, but still determined to do so, because you can look at the boss to see the figures, and some bosses also know that this is false, but in order to give >