Personal webmaster’s way out vertical division professional focus

as the guest of PHPwind, I participated in the webmaster conference sponsored by PHPwind in November 8th. The theme revolves around the operations and profit models of communities and local websites. The webmaster’s share is very exciting, the most impressive is GJJ humorous story about his unusual webmaster experience.

current Internet heavyweights in various fields of continuous monopoly and convergence of resources, for the webmaster, it seems that in every field are facing competition, the development of the master and living space is more difficult. Webmaster how to seek a breakthrough in the competition, and avoid the existing pattern of homogenization of competition, has become a lot of webmaster must face the problem. Internet advocates continuous innovation, in fact, for individual owners, no need to think about what innovation, in the existing model, as long as a niche to seize, and do NO.1 on the line. Undeniably, many of the garbage station owners have made money, but can they do long-term development,


personal website of the future way, must be "vertical division, professional focus" direction. Webmaster focus on the first thing to do, do fine, dedicated, with a steady flow and viscosity, and then do further extensions of functions or services. Li Zhi lists some good models here:

1, vertical portal:

vertical portal is not for everyone to do similar "China Chemical Network", "China automobile network" and other large industry portal, these portals are currently grasping a lot, most of them are homogeneous. At present, all countries in the world are advocating environmental protection and energy saving. Many enterprises are paying attention to energy saving and emission reduction. Environmental protection and energy saving industry will have a very big development space in the future. Take this as a breakthrough point, you can do a certain environmental protection metal materials industry portal, focusing on providing such metal materials information, technology, news, enterprise presentation and other information. Not recommended to do similar "China environmental protection materials network" and other sites, the content is too wide, and you can not be so professional.

2, vertical search:

search for ordinary webmaster, certainly there is a certain threshold, but universal search results are difficult to meet the personalized needs of Internet users want content. If there is a certain technical strength or scale of the technical team, you can try to open up an industry, rather than the development of large and miscellaneous business search. Business dragon is a search engine which focuses on the clothing field. More than 90% of the search results are related to clothing.

3, vertical navigation:

HAO123 created an Internet miracle, because it is too simple to do, a few years ago, webmasters have flocked to do web site. Finally found that in addition to HAO123 and 265 other sites cannot get rid of the fate of dying. In fact, the site station positioning, segmentation target population, fine content of the site, there is still some room for development. For example, the current relatively successful clothing brand navigation, 66 navigation network, and so on.

4, local gateway: