You should set up a small business rather than a start up company

in the mature period of contemporary people continue to advance, also can be said that people’s utilitarian heart is more and more strong, for example, many entrepreneurs in the beginning will conceive their entrepreneurial future, the size of the company must be large, but this is not what is not good, but for other entrepreneurs, in fact, not a small business management to start very satisfied.

in front of this idea can not be immediately extended to 1 million users once we found no one billions of dollars of concern, we will immediately get rid of it. Sometimes, even laugh at it. When we do this, we’re actually a jerk, a big jerk. Because all create a huge, cool high-tech companies, we do not need, also is not the end, do not and will not let anyone look stupid.

not extended to aspire to a huge scale, this seems to be a counter intuitive idea. But I believe it will bring a lot of benefits, and you will eventually find it worthwhile.

you are building a small business, it has limited range and clear. You don’t have a lot of pressure to add new features, which means you are free to focus on what’s important to you and your users. For most big companies or growth companies, it’s a huge challenge to keep it simple to create a product. Small businesses do not have this problem.

is more important