The analysis of the good operating rules of the floor stores

now lives in the floor, is a very important part of Home Furnishing decoration, and now runs a shop floor, have a good mode of operation is really too important, let’s look at how to operate.

floor stores entrepreneurs in the face of the grim market, in order to gain wealth, so entrepreneurs in the business, the correct grasp of this project in the market operation rules, so this project is a development in the severe market, is a good start. Next, we should be on the floor of the franchise store operators should make the following analysis.

2016 choose to open the floor store? Investment in the flooring industry quickly profitable business without burden! Floor stores can choose to act as a brand, will help stabilize the supply, minimize the cost of purchase. Floor shop includes many kinds.

to arrange the product structure according to the durability of the floor, in the purchase amount is not too large, should be in the pursuit of diversification and brand style. Commonly used products, should be in the amount of reserves. In the opening of the shop floor, to establish a good flagship product, the survey found that most of the floor area of the store is still dominated by these large products.

open floor stores want to attract more customers to the store, in addition to attract people, and provide good service, also is the staff to make the guests feel that everyone in the shop are very friendly, let consumers believe that home consumption is a kind of enjoyment, look at some large brand stores that service quality the first service is the key to success.

In fact, in the


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