Correct positioning of the nternet status of entrepreneurial Era

when everyone is chasing the Internet business, don’t forget, the key lies in "after Internet plus plus". The Internet is just a tool for entrepreneurship, the nature of the final competition or to fall on the product and service.

said in a world full of entrepreneurship in the discussion of Internet plus, everyone seems to ignore their own things to do.

undeniable, the Internet thinking on entrepreneurship, are of great help. However, do a good business and projects, do not study the product, do not consider the service, do not continue to innovate, immortality, etc.!



[perception] user perspective


all ignore the user experience and innovative products are inhuman, and not likely to be successful. It is clear that if the designer is to consider all the elements of the product from his own perspective, and lack of innovation or subversive consciousness, and then rigorous science, will fail.

: service entity with perfect network!

now in such a called "Internet" era, the electricity supplier market continues to impact the store. However, the store will not change with the era of the era of history, only recommended