Students open restaurants in Yunnan one day earn ten thousand

college students entrepreneurship is nothing new, then, how to improve the success rate? How to move forward as soon as possible? More learning, more summary necessary. Here, let us together to see the students how to open restaurants in Yunnan, one day earn ten thousand!

today for college student entrepreneurs to introduce a good project of entrepreneurship students, tell the students what to do to earn a lot of money! Now, although many college students to earn money, but can earn 10 thousand of the project is not much on the 1, today Xiaobian to introduce you to a.

was founded by college students from the Yunnan restaurant, opened its first store to today’s famous city, clouds dish the achievement of a 85 after the entrepreneurial dream in a short period of less than three years. The day before the interview, the heart is Yicheng catering Co. Ltd. (sea cuisine restaurant management company executive director Zhao Han).

80 pass through the Yunnan restaurant

the four from financing to store decoration, from the dishes to the promotion of collocation bargain, not feeling the stones. In particular, when the opening has been gradual winter, sparse traffic is difficult to support the high operating costs, the restaurant has been unable to make ends meet, only the best time to have a surplus.

three years the expansion of 4


" this week popular restaurant, more than 55 thousand Beijing restaurant, clouds dishes can be maintained at around 30." Zhao Han said.

to the present, including the first to the Grand Canyon is the decoration of the shop, clouds dish in Beijing to have Houhai, Zhongguancun, Phoenix sinks four stores. What can you do to make a lot of money? In less than three years