Women’s consumption and women’s entrepreneurship to create a magnificent era of her

no matter what the economist, will recognize the current era of women to promote economic development. The establishment of her era, not only from women’s rising spending power, but also thanks to the efforts of female entrepreneurs.

the mainland in recent years into the new trend of consumption upgrade, the economic independence of women more power consumption can not be ignored. According to the securities market data, the current total market value of more than 2 trillion yuan of mainland women’s consumer market, more likely to double in the next 5 years, women’s consumption will be the main force of future consumption growth.

is now studying at Hong Kong Baptist University Department of sociology doctoral student Zhang Linlin, is at the helm of a gift shop, the annual sales of 100 million yuan; in the overseas life of Xu Xian for 10 years, the completion of the MBA courses in University of Oxford, to return to Beijing to establish advanced fast food restaurants, OL by love, business, graduated from Beijing University has burst red; in the United States and France master Ling son Han, this year founded social enterprises, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Xu Xian and Ling Zihan recently selected BBC  2015 "women’s 100" (100  Women), the BBC annual series selected 100 outstanding women’s access to the global community, many of whom are inspiring female entrepreneurs.

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