How to choose the dry cleaners

is also a dry cleaners, assuming the same level of service within the store, the only difference is the business address is different, a lot of people in the open place, a place in a small number of people, ask which store business will be more popular. Needless to say, there must be a lot of people, which shows that the location of the dry cleaners business has an important impact. So how to choose the address of the dry cleaners? There’s a way.

1.  service group

How to choose the

2.  business place

How to choose the

A.  area

How to choose the

B.  configuration

1. site configuration refers to water, electricity, noise, environmental protection, exhaust

2. water source: must have adequate water and pressure, and the upper and lower drainage unobstructed

3. power: requires a 200V or 380V regulated power supply (according to the actual amount of equipment to determine the amount of electricity load)

4. noise: noise pollution generated by laundry equipment must be controlled within the range of the surrounding environment

5. environmental protection: whether it is dry cleaning or washing, its wastewater treatment must comply with national environmental requirements

6. exhaust: with unobstructed air flow

C.  rent >