Smart home ten brands list

the new era, science and technology to make our lives become more intelligent, so that people’s lives become more comfortable. Of course, because of the progress of science and technology, now can provide intelligent service brand is also very much. What is a smart home? As the name suggests, intelligent Home Furnishing (English: smart home, home automation) is a residential platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will Home Furnishing life related facilities integrated management system to build efficient residential facilities and familyschedule affairs, enhance the safety of Home Furnishing, convenience, comfort, artistic, and eco-friendly living environment.

intelligent Home Furnishing as a new industry, in a period with the growth stage of the critical point, the market has not yet formed consumer attitudes, but with the further implementation of intelligent Home Furnishing market popularization, foster consumer habits, intelligent Home Furnishing potential consumer market will inevitably be huge, industry prospects. Below, small series will recommend you smart home ten brands list.

smart Home Furnishing ten brand list 1 Haier u-home (Research and development of intelligent products manufacturing base, Haier group launched in the era of things better dwelling life solutions, Qingdao Haier smart appliances limited company of science and Technology)

smart home ten brand list of Dooya (Zhejiang, province famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand products, the world’s leading smart home and door and window motor manufacturers, Ningbo Du Ya mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.)

smart Home Furnishing ten brand ranking 3 Kedi KOTI (large enterprises, in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing development and operation service life of wisdom products mainly high-tech enterprises, Guangdong spot Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.)

smart Home Furnishing ten brand ranking 4 Jingdong microunion (intelligent hardware platform, open Internet Jingdong’s smart intelligent hardware products for special launch of its App can control all smart devices / remote management / interconnection)

smart home top 5 list of the East River HDL (smart home industry, the top ten brands, the leading provider of intelligent lighting control solutions, high-tech enterprises, Guangzhou Hedong Electronics Co., Ltd.)


smart Home Furnishing ten brand list 6 Neat Bennett (focusing on intelligent fire protection products of high-tech enterprises, large-scale integrated residential intelligent comprehensive solutions provider, Qinhuangdao Bennett Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.)

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