World Entrepreneurship Forum held in Hangzhou entrepreneurial internationalization triggered discuss

China market has been a very important part of the global joint market, entrepreneurship is also accompanied by the pace of expansion of the market gradually towards internationalization. This year, the world Entrepreneurship Forum for the first time in China, to prove that the world’s entrepreneurs have been widely optimistic about China’s venture capital market and the potential of Chinese entrepreneurs.

, jointly hosted by Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Municipal Government Management School of Zhejiang University hosted the Eighth World Business Forum (WEnF) global annual conference, yesterday unveiled in Hangzhou. This is also the world Entrepreneurship Forum (WEnF) held in China for the first time. The forum to venture Internationalization: global linkage, innovation opportunities "as the theme, from around the world more than 500 business and political circles and academia and relevant people gathered in Hangzhou, then the global interaction, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Wang Shuifu, the founder of

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