The ice cream shop store to attract customers

in China’s commercial market will often appear such a situation, a shop business is hot, there will be other shops to take a similar name to attract customers. Many times, the customer can not distinguish themselves, so that the shop can easily attract more customers. And Taipei has such an ice cream shop, because homophonic name, which has become more consumer choice consumer shops.

is Tainan’s famous ice cream shop curled up, and now it’s up to the north? It is also to have other companies follow the name, difference, opened a ice cream shop in Taipei, named curly, good pronunciation similar, let people think that is the store, but the industry said, is named the main hand cream and egg roll, just sell.

In fact, the name of the following

industry have not only one, in the vicinity of curly tails also opened a company called home, if not possible room ice cream shop, with homophonic name, attract consumers.

people: "Miss, I want a pair of ice cream." A circle slowly stacked, ice cream is full of more delicious, especially in hot weather, let people drool with envy little sister hand, ice cream, eat and laugh, good meet.

Taiwan crazy ice cream, many businesses want to earn money this summer to grab, ice cream shop in Taipei station, opened less than a month, the average day to sell 300, but a closer look, this shop is called curly, and Tainan famous ice cream shop curled tail. It seems that people mistakenly think that is the store. People: will, will misunderstand."

reporter: "would you think it’s the same store?" People: "yes, originally thought to be the same."

A good name is similar to

, the emergence of copycat version? In fact, Tainan has 2 companies in a similar pronunciation, old curled tail, another only a distance less than 150 meters, if not possible is called house; Taipei named curly, Tainan are selling ice cream.

and Taipei rolls in addition to ice cream, but also the main hand industry, egg roll, named curly, mainly hand to want to clarify the egg roll, and never mind a curled tail. Industry: "they (the public) to say, you are the same with Tainan? I said, oh, no, we are the flagship store in Taipei, we are mainly based on manual egg roll, but we also have to sell cream."

ice cream shops selling "well-known achievements scary", attract other stores to follow, with the divergent, but no matter what things to eat, shop, you will naturally attract customers.

in fact, if we do not know how to open a new shop name, at the same time, there is no too much money for planning publicity, then, such homophonic name >