Underwear shop decoration has to pay attention to open underwear store must see

underwear is a woman’s personal clothing, high quality underwear in the market is very popular. Underwear profits are very large, open a lingerie shop is very good. Underwear shop decoration have stress, know the following decoration skills, your shop business will be more prosperous.

1) terminal product display cabinet. The quality of the display cabinet is related to the consumer’s impression of the brand. First of all, the color and shape of the product display cabinet should be coordinated with the concept of the brand; secondly, it can better set off and render the product; third, it is important to follow the trend, not outdated.

2) fitting room. The fitting room is not large, but in essence. Feel a brand, it is necessary to try on its products, that stay in the fitting room this time, will be the key to the consumer decision. Thus, the fitting room is planning to good ventilation and fresh air; some activities to prepare a place for hanging clothes and women’s underwear; but also on the aspects of the "road map"; the color of the walls and the lighting is also very important to make women feel warm, just like in his room.

3) cash register. Is an important part of the whole store space. It is important to be able to coordinate with the display cabinets, complement each other, play a decorative store, the role of standardization. On the other hand, you can store information and facilitate checkout.

4) light. How to attract the attention of women? How to better please them? Keep them? " good lighting " has been listed as one of the most important environmental factors, 75% of consumers believe that the store lighting is very important, will directly affect their purchase behavior. In particular, such as underwear, a special personal consumer products, the majority of women mainly to buy the feeling, the impact of light on them is more prominent.

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