Most of the ten major network ideas recommend


is now a lot of people in the initial stage of entrepreneurship, will choose the network business, but in the initial stage of network business of a project selection is very important, there are many good projects on the Internet, let’s look at what?

1) million dollar website

2) Santa’s letter

pretend you are from the letter, pretend you are Santa Claus, for children to write and send a Christmas gift. Of course, these children’s parents to pay, 10 yuan a. Listen and act like a joke, but they have already sold 200 thousand.

3) dog goggles used

4) laser monk

5) antenna ball

sell car antenna for the decoration of small ball toys, there are people with this stuff? Selling online. Look inside, but also a millionaire was born. By the way, they are all made in china.

6) fitness poker