Migrant workers 200 thousand years behind the spike is the lack of security protection

At the end of a year to start

migrant workers wages, according to media reports, Shanghai migrant workers salary seckill white-collar workers, and even more than 200 thousand yuan. This makes a lot of office workers had to produce a jealous jealousy hate mentality.

Shanghai a construction site with millions of cash wages, people over 200 thousand annual salary, wages of migrant workers are now so high, you envy it? When the wages of migrant workers with white-collar workers, many people look back at their own three thousand or four thousand a month salary, do not restrain admiring eyes.

1 26, Hongkou District, a construction unit piled up in cash for the wages of migrant workers in Shanghai, they will go home after receiving wages. In the construction site, a bundle of money taken from the bank, placed on the table, there are 1 million full cash, distributed to the site of a construction team, about more than and 10 front-line workers.

it is reported that this is only part of the wages, the site every month living allowances ranging from 2000-3000 yuan to workers, the average monthly income in the yuan, the highest income of workers more than 200 thousand annual salary.

migrant workers salary seckill white-collar workers, most people see the migrant workers with high wages, but did not see the high risk behind their hard work, occupation and social security aspects from pension to a blank.

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