The first way to eat crab

said that the first person to eat crabs, enjoy the others is always unable to find the delicious, it was not fake, but also for business, but how do we find that "the first crab?

At the beginning of

for the capital small friends, you can choose some of the most simple method of business selling style. Such as in the wholesale city of some clothing, groceries and other small cities to sell. For the characteristics of things in general, the market is small, but the profit is still very good.

2, play to their intelligence

for smarter friends, his capital is not less not much people can play their own intelligence to choose the way of creating wealth for themselves. Something that people need in their daily lives, but they don’t exist at present. Or more suitable for transformation. Create wealth by selling their patents or technology.

3, intermediate financial

for intermediate financial friends, but there is not enough capital to separate the operation of the project, you can choose to rely on existing capital or rely on others, production materials and other ways to create your own wealth. For example, many state-owned enterprises are not very good, you can lease their workshop, or in the vicinity of their enterprises to produce similar products. Because you are smaller than them, the cost will naturally be lower. Natural prices are cheaper than they are, so that customers will definitely choose to buy your product (I used to be the company is this model) or for their production of accessories, accessories, etc.. Do more business by training their relationship.

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