Set off business platform into the Ningbo University nstitute of Technology

is different from the community, although now many college students have entrepreneurial ideas, but because they do not understand the relevant knowledge, or experience is not enough, or not enough funds, resulting in some idea is put into action, but not much. In order to encourage more students to embark on the road to success, many universities have to create a better platform for entrepreneurship. Among them, the Ningbo University Institute of science and technology on the introduction of a set of entrepreneurial platform, so as to make greater contributions to the development of entrepreneurship in the school.

entered the Ningbo University Institute of science and technology, in the distance you can see there is a personalized "small building", the red walls, external oblique lattice windows, outside to display a variety of flowers and wooden chair, who also thought "this building two storey villa birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers" is actually entrepreneurship — set off business platform the platform built by container.

according to reports, set off entrepreneurial platform is set up by the creation of a group of college students entrepreneurship support platform, which created a number of exchanges between universities, interaction, linkage of entrepreneurial environment of College students. The ability to integrate resources of the Internet, the full establishment of the integration of resources of national student entrepreneurs communication, sharing, cooperation, participation and guidance function of the platform, docking capital to help college students entrepreneurial success. At present, the container business platform has been put into use in the Ningbo University of Technology, Ningbo University, 6 colleges and universities of science and technology.

The coffee shop set off platform

into Ning Institute of science and technology, modern decoration style lets a person find everything fresh and new, playful music, the latest fashion magazine, on a cup of coffee and business mentor smelling open future dream of success…… The shop at the beginning of April officially opened, has been opened by the favor of College students.

"this is not a simple coffee house, our goal is not selling a cup of coffee, a dessert, but for entrepreneurs to build up a business incubator platform, through this platform, the enterprise will help students solve the initial confusion, for the young entrepreneurs to provide a full range of consulting, tutor service." Manager Li Jun said, than in the early days of confusion and helplessness, set off platform can provide a full range of support and guidance, let the students go on poineering road "".

at the Ningbo University of Technology’s guest house coffee shop, magazines on the shelves, graffiti on the blackboard, posters on the wall…… More than and 200 square meters of coffee, every corner can be found in the "dream" or "dream" or related symbols. Set off the platform every month for entrepreneurs who will organize a variety of different types of cross-border salon, providing a platform for exchange and learning.

"in today’s investment environment, investment has shifted from pure" financial investment "to capital and resource investment, which will be more conducive to the development of start-up companies and projects." Dong Jian Lian Bo Johnsen