With the following three questions O2O you think about it

With the continuous development of the electricity supplier

, which exposed the business opportunities are being concerned. The last two days in Nanjing just encountered O2O field has been a ten million financing entrepreneurs friends, and his communication, let me benefit. In particular, his thorough thinking of O2O, but also updated my usual understanding. If the article is written by him, it will be better.

1, when we mention O2O, what are we talking about?

O2O this name, some biased, it is forced to split into the online and offline two states. More plausible is that people obtain information through the Internet (including business information, service information, discounts information, historical evaluation information, customer service information, etc.) make consumption decisions, then go to enjoy the service process.

2, in the current situation, we are how to solve it? Three party

> first, through a