What are the operating skills to open a clothing store

clothing market is a huge market, a lot of people have their own clothing store to make money, but for many first-time entrepreneurs who opened a clothing store management techniques have not yet mastered, today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell everyone about what should have opened a clothing store management skills.


to find the source of the supplier

a the same clothes, appeared in two different clothing wholesale market, the wholesale price difference actually doubled. Why is this? Now clothing market jump goods mutual copied version of the situation is very common, because the production of this dress factory shipments is certainly the most cheap, other wholesalers may purchase and wholesale, even after several times sold wholesale, the price will certainly rise steadily.  : to this: the price of clothing store purchase determines whether your store is competitive, one-time procurement is too small, the cost of a piece can not be very low, this is the law of the market! Only a large number of one-time purchase, and the establishment of long-term cooperative relationship between customers to purchase a lower market price, and sometimes only a few dollars to buy clothes store, the impact on retail is also very large. >