Coffee shop named five strategies

shop name although not good, but is actually the same strategy, method, as long as we can grasp the strategies and methods related to the shop, take a proper name in fact is not a difficult thing. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the coffee shop named five strategies.

in the coffee shop, a good name in addition to enhance their taste, but also to attract a large number of customers, what is a good name, thick, elegant but not vulgar, but are not loud, words can be concise and to the point to express the core idea, can let a person you can remember the catchy name.

a good name is not easy, and we give the children named some places to the different approaches but equally satisfactory results, said, this involves a lot of things, such as sociology, marketing, psychology, communication, philology and Linguistics and other scientific knowledge, and is not only a science, but also belongs to the art the category is in need of fresh creativity, and image thinking into them, these all are nothing more than to follow five basic strategies:

first, how people can quickly cognition, first name must be simple, does not require the length is too long, also do not need to use obscure words in stroke should also strive to avoid too complicated, difficult to discern, even the life is not able to come into contact with the unpopular uncommon words, in on the basis of these to make the name read loud talk, pingze is not divided, the taboo is very awkward.

second, due to the name of the shop did not take too long, so there is a problem that can only show one of the characteristics of goods in the short name of convex, so try to grasp the main characteristics of focus.

third, today’s market, not all businesses can do good business, often there will be problems of goods not board, a little more in name than in reality, we said in the name of the shop to the best feature and the link, a prominent feature of goods, if the integrity of the situation it is great for reputation damage of the coffee shop, the result is very serious.

fourth, coffee shop has a relatively fixed consumer groups, naming time also need to consider how to seize this part of the consumer psychology.

fifth, in addition to some of the things inside, to name the most important thing is to be full of beauty, full of meaning, let the customer and enhance the grade of the store by name.

we talked about the coffee shop on the top of the basic strategy, but just know that these are not enough, here are a few tips to talk about it, so that everyone in the coffee shop to do the trick